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Beach Brunch: Your Sunday Tradition

It's like magic, the combination of soft sea air, the gentle lapping of waves, and the savory flavours of a brunch menu beneath a warm morning sun. This is far from a typical Sunday morning ritual; it's a tradition that feeds the soul and fills the senses with delight. Here is the ultimate guide to beach brunch, your favourite Sunday ritual at Surf Club, including live performances by guest artists alongside Morgan Dope, a mouth-watering menu, live oyster shucking, and a cocktail station.

The Allure of Beach Brunch

Imagine lounging on the tranquil sands or nestled in a cosy chair, indulging in an uplifting beachside brunch. In addition to the laid-back environment of Palm West beach, the beach brunch experience also involves the enjoyment of some delectable dishes and beverages. It's a chance to flee the daily routines to appreciate the little things with someone you love.

The Brunch Menu: A Feast for the Senses

Immerse yourself in a feast that's as vibrant and refreshing as the ocean breeze with our exclusive Beach Brunch menu at Surf Club. Each dish is a testament to the art of beachside dining, crafted to tantalize your senses and enhance your Sunday tradition.


  • Mixed Sushi Platter: Dive into the flavours of the ocean with a selection of meticulously prepared sushi, celebrating the freshest catch.

  • Croquetas: Indulge in the comforting warmth of our croquetas, a crispy exterior giving way to a succulent, flavourful heart.

  • Truffle Flatbread: Experience the luxurious blend of truffle on a perfectly baked flatbread, a harmony of flavours that speaks to the soul.

  • Tomato Carpaccio: Savour the simplicity and freshness of tomato carpaccio, an embodiment of the beach's natural bounty.


Choose from a selection that captures the essence of the sea and the land.

  • Grilled Fish Fillet: A delicate fish fillet grilled to perfection, accompanied by the zesty twist of lemon and green pesto rigatoni.

  • Corn-fed Chicken Breast: Tender chicken breast that whispers tales of the earth, served to complement your seaside serenity.

  • Spiced Beef Tenderloin: A bold and flavourful journey with our spiced beef tenderloin, promising a satisfying culinary adventure.


Conclude your brunch with a touch of sweetness, celebrating the joy of shared moments.

  • Pineapple Carpaccio: Thinly sliced pineapple, a refreshing end to a lavish feast.

  • Sticky Pudding: A classic delight, our sticky pudding is the perfect blend of sweetness and texture, a memorable finale to your brunch.

In addition, our oyster shucking station brings excitement and glamour to brunch, creating the unique opportunity to taste the freshest oysters, opened right there in front of our guests. Moreover, with gourmet bartenders who can quickly make cocktails to order, the experience turns the brunch to a new level.

Enjoy the pulsating rhythms of deep house music, curated by our live DJ. Let the dynamic beats blend seamlessly with the serene backdrop of the waves, creating an ambiance that's both relaxing and invigorating. This is not just background music; it's a sonic journey that enhances your brunch, making every moment more memorable. Dance, dine, or simply bask in the synergy of sound and scenery, as our DJ spins a soundtrack that's as boundless as the ocean itself.

Beach brunch goes further than just a meal. It is an experience that benefits the person's body, mind, and soul. It is an activity that comes in many flavours and approaches and can be tailored to fit different kinds of people who participate in it.

Whether it is the freshly reeled sea fish, the live music, or just the pleasure of eating next to the sea, the beach brunch satisfies all needs. Turn this activity into an integral part of your Sunday routine to make your weekends fun, peaceful, and an experience beyond the imagination.


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