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Blond:ish Presents Abracadabra

Discover the Magic of Music and Sustainability

On 16 December 2023, Surf Club Dubai is set to transform into a realm of musical enchantment as we host the much-anticipated event, Blond:ish presents Abracadabra. This event marks a significant moment in Dubai's music scene, bringing a blend of unique sounds and sustainable philosophy to the shores of Palm West Beach.

The Blond:ish Phenomenon Blond:ish, an internationally acclaimed DJ duo, is renowned for their distinctive music that transcends traditional genres, offering a kaleidoscope of electronic, afro-house, and ethereal soundscapes. Their philosophy extends beyond music; it's a movement towards sustainability and a deeper connection with our environment. This ethos resonates deeply with Dubai's own sustainable initiatives, making their presence in the city not just a musical journey, but a harmonious blend of art and environmental consciousness.

Abracadabra: More Than Just Music

Abracadabra, conceptualized by Blond:ish, is not merely a musical event; it's an experience that embodies a philosophy of connection, sustainability, and the transformative power of music. The concept revolves around creating a space where the audience is not just spectators but participants in a magical journey. This aligns perfectly with Dubai's vision of fostering sustainable practices and innovative experiences.

Venue Transformed: The Takeover Concept

The concept of a venue takeover is where an artist or a group brings their unique vibe, audience, and style to a location, completely transforming it to reflect their essence. This takeover at Surf Club is especially significant as it represents one of the many "firsts" in Dubai’s evolving music landscape this season. It's a testament to Surf Club's commitment to delivering unprecedented and diverse musical experiences to its community.

A Debut and a Reunion

While Blond:ish has graced the decks of Surf Club back in November 2022, this event is poised to be even more momentous. It is not just a performance; it’s a celebration of firsts - their first takeover in the UAE and a reunion with Dubai's eclectic audience. Adding to the excitement, Salome le Chat will join as the co-headliner, bringing her own unique energy to the mix. Together, they promise an evening of pulsating rhythms, captivating experiences, and a collective embrace of sustainable living.

Join Us at Surf Club

Doors open at 12 pm on 16 December 2023, for Blond:ish presents Abracadabra. We invite you to be part of this extraordinary event, where music, sustainability, and the magic of connection come together in a spectacular setting. Experience first-hand why Surf Club Dubai continues to redefine the musical landscape of the city.

Come, be part of this unforgettable journey at Surf Club!


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