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Celebrate Eid Weekend with Unforgettable Vibes at Surf Club

Mark your calendars and gear up for an electrifying long weekend at Surf Club this Eid weekend! We're rolling out the red carpet to welcome you to a series of days packed with exhilarating music, vibrant energy, and the unforgettable experiences we're known for. This Eid, we're not just promising great times; we're delivering epic moments that will stay with you long after the weekend fades.

Eid Weekend Lineup at Surf Club: A Musical Journey

Dive into the heart of music and freedom with our stellar lineup, crafted to make your Eid weekend truly special:

  • Wednesday, 10 April: KAYTEK + Friends

    • Kickstart your Eid celebrations with Guy Gerber bringing the much-anticipated RUMORS event back to our dance floor! Dive into a night of enchanting tunes, led by Guy Gerber himself and kicked off with an opening set from BESH.

  • Thursday, 11 April: AMÉMÉ

    • Continue the momentum with AMÉMÉ, an artist who embodies the spirit of deep and emotive electronic music. His sets promise a profound musical experience, filled with tracks that speak to the soul.

  • Friday, 12 April: FRSH

    • The weekend heats up with FRSH, where contemporary hits and classic tunes come together for a night of non-stop dancing. It's the perfect setting to let loose and revel in the joy of music with friends and fellow music lovers.

  • Saturday, 13 April: RUMORS by Guy Gerber

    • Guy Gerber’s famed RUMORS event returns to Surf Club! Dive into a world of enchanting tunes curated by Guy Gerber himself, followed by an entrancing opening set from BESH.

  • Sunday, 14 April: ARKADYAN Voyage

    • Conclude your Eid weekend with the energetic and fun ARKADYAN Voyage. This event is far more than just music; it's an exhilarating adventure into a world where dynamic sounds blend seamlessly, thanks to the vibrant trio known as ARKADYAN.

Join Us for an Eid Weekend to Remember

At Surf Club, we're more than just a venue; we're a community where freedom and music intersect to create magic. This long weekend, we invite you to be part of an extraordinary celebration, where memories are forged in the rhythm of the waves and the pulse of the music.

Prepare for a long weekend filled with spellbinding performances, exceptional vibes, and the company of those who live and breathe the essence of celebration. See you where the music sets us free, and the moments become milestones.

Book your spot now and be ready to experience the pinnacle of Eid celebrations at Surf Club. Let's make this Eid Weekend one for the history books.

Book your Eid Weekend experience online or via WhatsApp.


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