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Introducing Our Indoor Pergola, Surf Club’s Summer Getaway

Haven’t booked your summer trip yet? No worries! You can still enjoy a much-needed getaway while in the heart of Dubai. Surf Club continues to deliver an elevated experience with its newly launched summer indoor pergola. Nestled along the pristine beach of Palm Jumeirah, the stunning space merges bohemian aesthetics with contemporary comfort, providing a haven for wanderers.

Embracing the Bohemian Spirit

Designed to reflect a natural bohemian style, the pergola's interior features wooden furniture, rugs, candles, and couches adorned with throws, creating an inviting and relaxed atmosphere. The natural light streaming through the windows bathes the indoor venue in tranquility and serenity, embodying Surf Club's philosophy of enhancing the sensory journey. As the sun sets, the beautiful skyline of Dubai Marina and Ain Dubai reflects its lights on the beach, creating a stunning evening atmosphere where cultural boundaries fade and the spirit of bohemian living thrives.

Menu Highlights and More

Rooted in Mediterranean inspiration, the space thrives on the simple yet profound act of bringing family and friends together at the table. The culinary journey at Surf Club complements the ambiance and décor with a menu designed for sharing, in a coastal-inspired setting. Highlights include must-have options like ‘Fine de Claire’ oysters and ‘Sea Bass Ceviche,’ or a choice from the catch of the day filleted and cooked to your liking. For those seeking standout dishes, the ‘Saffron Risotto’ and ‘Spaghetti alle Vongole’ are exquisite choices. Meat enthusiasts can savour the charcoal-grilled ‘Black Angus’ or the succulent ‘Ribeye.’ For a complete experience, enjoy a refreshing cocktail prepared at one of the two stylish bars, each offering a unique and inviting atmosphere.

What’s Happening?

At Surf Club, the experience goes beyond the regular, offering a diverse calendar of events curated for the summer season. For relaxed weekdays, indulge in “Aperitivo, Summer Sunsets at Surf Club” from Monday to Friday, 4pm to 7pm, featuring expertly crafted cocktails and a chef’s selection of tapas platter, and on weekends, expect the unexpected with our one-of-a-kind nights filled with energy set to create unforgettable memories and get you ready to dance the night away.


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