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Ladies Day: Sun, Sand, and Bliss

Alternating between the ever-busy routine and the only day a week entirely dedicated to relaxation, sunbathing, and indulging oneself under the shining sun. At Surf Club, we have dedicated every Wednesday as Ladies Day - this uncommon day each week is filled with the peaceful West Beach beach of Palm Jumeirah, an artistic menu, exceptional offers and pampering services such as massages and a glitter and tattoo body station, which delivers a unique experience for ladies craving a midweek escape.

The Essence of Ladies Day

Ladies Day is much more than an occasion; it's a praise of femininity, peace, and also fellowship while having that all the while being surrounded by the endless horizon. A day, of all days, when business as usual slows down, women lively indulge in a hand-picked set of facilities meant to provide a treat for the body, senses, and soul.

Curated Menu for the Soul

On Ladies Day at Surf Club, guests can delight in a chef's platter that includes a variety of treats: a Summer Tart, California Rolls, Croquetas, Chicken Yakitoris, and a Rose Vanilla Macaron topped with cotton candy. This special offering, paired with free-flowing rosé and a selection of cocktails (with a bubbly option, of course!), promises a delightful and indulgent culinary experience tailored to celebrate femininity and relaxation.

More Than Just Relaxation

Ladies Day is a therapeutic place where the sole purpose is more than just relaxing one’s mind. By considering things as simple as the massage services that soothe muscles and the soul to the more playful glitter application that brings that glamour touch for lounging on the beach, every minute will be created to be remembered forever. It's the day when the community comes together, strangers become friends, and the chaos becomes a world of peace and happiness.

What makes Ladies Day distinct is its practice of bringing top-of-the-range events. It's not just about the breath-taking view and the sumptuous services but the entire experience that will leave you feeling like your day was well spent, including the ambiance, services, food, and company. It is one of the days in a week when women remember that they are appreciated and cared for, and these happen in an ambiance that is so much like the pure and deep sea.

Let's enjoy life's sweet pleasures, and sharing the company of people, especially women. Wednesday becomes much more than just a day during the midweek break. It is a beautiful haven that provides everyone with relaxation, pleasure, and all they need to recharge and smile through the week. Book your Ladies Day experience today, online or via WhatsApp.


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